Life with a Different Story;

Issue: life/humanity Life is the existence of an individual human being or animal while also humanity is the the quality of being humane; benevolence.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence” Martin Luther King, Jr. Based on each and everyone’s views,we all have diverse ways to base/express the criteria of our individual lives as we all do not have the same attributes and plans;ranging from the little kids,to the students,working parents(either government officials or not),entertainers and the aged. Despite that huge difference we all still have several things we do in common,we all eat,sleep,interact/communicate & do several others as humans but our nature still does tell us that there is a wide gap between us. Nevertheless,we can take a decision to make a mark and give the life we live in all it takes to become a great person. One can not be forced to accomplish that which he/she never wants to achieve except one has the willingness or perhaps if one is forced the end result would in no way benefit /befit you,therefore you need to examine yourself and make a great change.

One can do the above through giving oneself thorough examination of oneself to see one’s truest abilities,to know and understand oneself the more,believe in one’s own intuitions,know one’s limits and boundaries and making huge efforts to overcome and overpower them leaving no stone unturned in giving your life a different story because;

“Life is generally believed to be nice and events/time may not be reenacted and each passing day brings us to the dusk,so task yourself and bring out the best in yourself today”. Henceforth understand and work with 3 basic principles of life;



Wednesday 8th March,2017 3:30pm.


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