The RULES of LIFE: ft 2

For reasons that are too long and complicated to go into here, I had to live with my grandparents at a very tender age for a couple of years when i was very young. They,like many of their generation, were hardworking, contented sort of people. My grandfather a Agricultural Extension worker who had taken an earlier retirement and my grandmother a businesswoman. My mother having dumped me on my grandparents were due to reckless decisions. Although, i was of a very tender age; i was nurtured into maturity by their love,passion and care. I was too young for school and my grandfather was far trusted for my care. My grandmother often tucked me under her wing – on some days physically as well as metaphorically, as she went by her daily routine – she and my younger self went to work together.

Tenderly, going to work with “Nan” was fun. As she worked tirelessly she attended to my needs. I was expected to be of good behaviour (quiet and still for long periods) and, as i didn’t know any different, assumed this into my normal living. I gave full attention to my environment, often from my safe refuge under a huge desk – i could pass the time quite happily. Thus was born an immense appetite for peoples watching, solitude, and real calm.

Later years, after i had been nurtured to my adolescence, i went to live with my birth mother – she gave little or no importance to my well being and attitude. But it was already a way of living for me thanks to my grandparents.

I therefore had become keen on life appearances and issues. With a lot of major setbacks and mistakes made by me; i had come by a lot of rules,from books, personal life examples. These rules aren’t about making lots of money and being incredibly successful. It is simply about how you feel inside, how you affect people around you, what sort of a friend, partner and parent you are, what sort of impact you make on the world, and what sort of impressions you leave for your wake.



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