Have a plan

Hey,you’ve got to have a plan. A plan is a map,a guide, a target, a focus, a signpost, a direction, a path, a strategy. It says that you are going somewhere, do something, be somewhere by a certain time. It gives your life structure and shape, gravitas and power. If you allow life to turn up any old thing you’ll be floating downstream as quick as you like. OK,not all plan work out, not all maps lead to treasure. But at least you’re with a better chance if you have a map and a shovel than if you just dig at random – or, like most people, don’t dig at all.

So what happens if you don’t have a plan? Well, you reinforce, to yourself, your sense of being ‘not in control’. Once you have a plan everything else falls into place.

You woke early,grabbed you iPhone and launched a media app, have you a plan? Rather still, sleeping for more than 7hours daily, you have no plan!


A plan isn’t a dream – it’s something you intend doing rather than something you want to do. And having a plan means you’ve thought through how you’re going to do it. To follow a plan, to obey it to the letter come hell or high water, but you love for success should make you stick to it.

Most people are stuck with plan changes, i pull out a plan for about a week but in the process,some amendments needs to be made. The plan is always up for review, and improvement; The plan shouldn’t be rigid. Circumstances change, you change, your plan changes.

Having a plan keeps you back in track, having a fall-back position when life gets hectic, it is easy to forget what we are here for. “What should i be doing? Oh yes, i remember, my plan was to ….. breakfast’ And off you go again, back on course.

If you'd no plans, its never too late to have one,NOW!



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